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Notice: The following is required reading for all students at Legacy High.

Charity for 2013

This year's charity supported by Legacy High is The Global Chalkboard Project. Please go to this site and make a donation and don't forget to select the Global Chalkboard Project as recipient!

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Linda is getting ready for PE

Galentine’s Day

Attention Lemur Community!

As social media maven, I Dean Padua, hear that there is a new ‘meme‘ on the internet (I’m not sure what a meme is but I am certain it is cool) about Galentine’s Day = this is a special day started by the City Council in Pawnee. It celebrates women and their special friends. We’d like to support that here at Legacy High so here is a special community opportunity.

It’s the Great Gurley Galentine’s Day Giveaway!

Are you wishing, this Galentine’s Day, you’d gotten just a little something for all your friends who make life worth living? Something so fun and fabulous, you’ll all be itching to write epic fan-fic for months afterward?

But hey, in this economy, who’s got that kind of pocket-change? Especially on short notice – shipping costs alone, even if you tried to send the world’s trashiest trinket, would eat you alive.

Despair no more! It’s time to laugh. Time to hug. Time to read!

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Welcome to Gurley’s Galentine’s Day Giveaway. Like a Lilith Book Fair. Only with more belly laughs. And biceps.

From 12:01 a.m. February 13, to 11:59 p.m. February 14, The Taming of the Drew is FREE. You can gift it to your friends! (And keep a copy for yourself!) Not sure if your friends have a Kindle, or want to know how to send it with an e-card for Galentine’s Day? Head on over to, or follow the instructions below.

Galentine’s Day only comes once a year. But we cherish our best friends forever.

Want to put together a great Galentine’s Day gift for your friends?

First of all, go to – specifically here [] and get them a free copy of Taming of the Drew (it’s free only on Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day). If they need some way to read a Kindle book, then include the following link where they can go to download a Kindle app for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Windows Phone or just to read on the web. []

Once you’ve got all that technical stuff, head on over to here [] where you can customize a Galentine’s Day ecard and let them know about the gift they got. It even lets you put links in so you can include the kindle link if you need to.

Lemur of the day

 Todd, in the middle of last-minute study for AP Deportment and Manners

Breaking News from Dean Padua: Lemur Supporter Has “Burst A Flow”

Attention Lemur Community! There are only 2 DAYS LEFT to get a FREE copy of The Taming of the Drew. Please keep in mind that The Taming of the Drew is MANDATORY reading for all students. Anyone without a personal copy during Sustained Silent Reading period will be subjected to severe penalties (see our Plagiarized Student Code of Conduct for more details). Please spread the word among families, friends, supporters and even juvenile delinquents who cannot afford another strike against their permanent record.

Community support for our  local “saga” has been massive. And our social media “traction” has been huge – almost as large as that afforded other edgy social media luminaries, such as, say, Angela Merkel. In keeping with our global reach (please ignore vile rumors that “someone” purchased our 32,000 Twitter followers), we are now the honored recipients of an evocative musicale ode by the artist “Beats by Octavia” of To our horror, we have been notified that, during the inspired creation of this ode, Ms. Octavia has spontaneously, by report, “bust a flow.”

To show our support for both Legacy and Ms. Octavia, the Legacy cheerleading squad announces an emergency session this afternoon to develop a routine for Ms. Octavia’s ode. Fourth period band will be performing the piece at halftime of tonight’s tense game against our archrivals the Boxleigh Bears. Students may feel free to quietly “chant” the refrain at will during the game.

The music is divine, but we would like to say that “bust a flow” (whatever that means) sounds remarkably painful. We wish Ms. Octavia a speedy recovery!

Listen and enjoy –

Code of Conduct: Emergency Addendum: Plagiarism of Student Conduct Code by Faculty

Faculty found to have plagiarized the Student Conduct Code from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) will be assigned yard duty for the entire academic year. Retirement, resignation from a teaching position (even in this economy) and/or self-mutilation/suicide will not alter or shorten said yard duty assignment.

Lemur of the day

Sarah, the editor of the school newsletter is irritated at being interrupted by our web photographer…

Emergency Clarification: Severe Penalties

To find out exactly what is in store for those unfortunate students given severe penalties, go here.

For more information about our Code of Conduct, go here.

Code of Conduct. Emergency Addendum: Emergency Authorization of Potentially Hurtful Speech

The dynamic rough-and-tumble jousting of social media (e.g. Twitter) no longer fits with existing archaic policies and procedures regarding prior faculty authorization of statements, specifically policies and procedures re: speech (hateful, hurtful, and potentially hurtful). As such, Dean Padua, current social media “maven” for faculty, has authorized himself to perform sole emergency adjudications of potential hurtful speech (his own and others’ speech), rendering decisions as needed to adapt to the rapidly changing technological frontiers of the future. Go Lemurs.

Student Code of Conduct. Emergency Addendum: Murder

Here at Legacy High, murder is frowned upon. References to murder, especially in the sports arena, are commonplace and equally frowned upon. Slaying, killing, or destroying, especially in a taunting fashion, is to be avoided, either by doing or by verbalizing.

Lemur of the day

Chris is waiting for Philosophy Class to begin.

Unfortunate Incident

Legacy High School regrets the unfortunate incidents recently and the unexpected publicity surrounding members of the student body. We have no comment to make publicly at this time and parents and members of the student community can expect to be contacted directly via email as soon as possible

Lemur of the Day

Katia is a sophomore. We caught her sitting and thinking hard about her lunch choices.